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Role in the Project
The West Pomeranian Business School is strongly involved In the Project implementation, mainly by participating in activities related to WP3 Labour Market and employment, WP4 Coaching SME, WP5 Tutoring start-ups, students and pupils and WP6 Motivation and skills. Working with cooperation with two other polish partners in the project, WPBS is working on analysis of current and future situation of Best Agers and preparing pilot initiatives in this matters.

About us
The West Pomeranian Business School (WPBS), the first private school of higher education in West Pomerania and one of the first in Poland, was established in March 1993. Earlier, in 1991, the academic and material basis had been developed for a new prospective school by running a two-year school called Business College. The experience gained during those two years enabled establishing a school of higher education with good academic staff, a unique curriculum and sufficient financial resources. 

At present the West Pomeranian Business School is: 

  • a non-goverment school of higher education carrying out its activities on the basis of the Higher Education Act;
  • a not-for-profit organisation, which means that any profits from the School's activities are spent on its development;
  • a school of higher education that is autonomous in terms of defining its mission, goals and priorities;
  • a school of higher education with the status of a free organization, which means freedom of education, research and intelectual development;
  • an institution that is based upon humanistic values and teaches in the spirit of respect to people, patriotism, democracy, environmental approach to development and responsibility for the society and the country;
  • a school of higher education that respects and promotes the European System of values.

Current EU Projects:

  • Enterprise - University Virtual Placements. The EU-VIP project aims to enhance international work placements through the use of new technologies.
  • Baltic Sea Region - The West Pomeranian Business School takes part in Best Agers project that lasts from January 2010 to December 2012. The budget comes from ERDF (European Regional Development Fund).
  • "Baltic Challenges and Chances for local and regional development generated by Climate Change" project. The consortium of the project consists of 25 partners from 8 countries. The project lasts from the 25 October 2008 to the 24 January 2012. BalticClimate targets mainly small land medium sized cities and rural areas in all Balic Sea Region countries to support their development
  • TransBaltic - one of the transnational projects that has been granted a strategic status by the authorities of the Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013. TransBaltic has 21 partners in nine countries around the Baltic Sea
  • LLL – FASTER is Training for Fast - Growing Entrepreneurs (FASTER) and it fully explains the main goal of the project. Vocational training centers, and Innovation Intermediaries in general have to further develop their training offer and target high - growth oriented entrepreneurs, rather than just self - employed people.
  • Ecovillages project runned under the Baltic Sea Region Programme; the first activities are planned to start in the beginning of 2011
  • Project INMA Innovation Management Agent (Leonardo da Vinci Programme), which aim is to create an profile of innovative agent for innovative and modern business development

Why we participate in the Project
As a private school with a lot of experience in field of education, training and employment we recognize the need and benefits of activating people in prime age. As a partner in the project We are trying to promote the idea of longer employment in our region. Poland will suffer the problem of labor shortage in the near future. 

What is happening right now
Based on the results of the work within WP4.1 and point 2, the WPBS is preparing with Gdańsk University of Technology and Institute of European Initiatives the pilot initiative - Establishing Best Agers business coaching/experts services. In parallel with ongoing work, WPBS is strongly working on activity 3.2 – Study of the employment situation of Best Agers.

Project Activities

Watch the "Best Agers" documentary film!

The film "Best Agers - Meeting Demographic Change" portraits four persons from four countries at the crossroads between working life and retirement. Watch the four episodes and see how exciting and full of important decisions life can be even when you think you have seen it all!

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"The nineteen Best Agers partners work towards a cross-generational innovation environment in the Baltic Sea Region"

"Best Agers are a valuable resources for the Baltic Sea Region: They possess valuable experience, know-how and skills which we cannot afford to neglect"

"Best Agers are well-educated, motivated and healthier than ever and can be mobilized to counteract brain drain and the loss of human capital in the Baltic Sea Region"

"Best Agers defy the consequences of demographic change: Cities and regions of the Baltic Sea Region find creative ways of disclosing and utilizing the unused potentials of the age group 55+"

"Innovation is not an exclusive domain of young people - we support Best Agers’ entrepreneurship in the Baltic Sea Region"